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From The Editor

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our Anniversary “Spring Edition” of the Going Organic Guide. Special thanks to you, our valued readers, our sustainable advertisers, sponsors, advisory board, and our great staff for an outstanding year. We’re one year old this Spring, and we are grateful to you. Your patronage of our advertisers has allowed us to nearly double our circulation to date.

Congratulations to Patricia Bragg on the marking of their 100th year of Health Pioneering. For a century, Bragg books and products have led the country and the world to a greater state of health and happiness. Patricia personifies the vitality and vigor that she brings to others. We wish you another 100 years of good works, Patricia!

Michele Mician graces this issue’s cover of Going Organic Guide. She is an unparalleled dynamo in affecting positive change in our communities. It is our good fortune that Palm Springs has a Sustainability Manager of her quality and effectiveness. She inspires us daily to live more consciously, with care for ourselves, all others, and our environment. With profound gratitude we say, “Thank you Michele!”

I want to mention a few things that you’ll find in this issue of Going Organic:

  • We’ve had many requests to publish information about safe alternatives to toxic pesticides. In response, we’ve begun that practice in this issue.
  • Our children lead us by their limitless imagination. See 6-year old, Diego Garza’s story, on his thoughts on how we can all start leading a healthier life, no matter how young we are.
  • The “Making a Positive Difference” Award shows how one individual can work miracles.
  • We have to love our recipes before we offer them to you.
  • We now have a way to control toxic dust in any project or remodel at our home, school, office, or jurisdiction. Your health really does matter to us. See the Enviroboot article about how Alan Diamond solved this problem in his home then built a business around the solution.
  • Scott Cole explores the beauty of the High desert on his journey along HWY 62.
  • We look forward to seeing you all at the Mayor Steve Pougnet’s race and Wellness Festival in Palm Springs on April 21st at Wellness park, next to Ruth Hardy Park. There will be great fun (whether you run or not), and the proceeds benefit childhood obesity. Please stop by our booth and say hello!
  • It is our honor to continue working with local celebrity Clint Ober, creator of “Earthing,” a groundbreaking health discovery. Phone calls and emails are still coming in from all over the U.S. and Canada in response to our story on Clint, his “Earthing” book, and his holistic grounding products.
  • We at the Going Organic Guide are very fortunate to be able to introduce you to our new editor, Grace Xanthos. She is a multi-talented woman whose abilities and expertise have enormous depth and diversity. You’ll enjoy reading through her credits and upcoming articles. She is also a professional writer, editor, and teacher, and we’re so enthused to welcome Grace on board!

Our vision and goals continue to be to support and promote you, your family’s, and our community’s wellness and safety. We strive to serve you in the very best way possible.
—Estelle Foster, Publisher