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A letter from Williamette Valley

Going Organic is alive and well in the Willamette Valley in central Oregon! Our avid supporter, and self-proclaimed “hippie farmer,” Sally Crum, sent us the following about her local community garden:

Dear Going Organic,
I was attracted to your magazine because every article was of interest to me. I love the colorful pictures, and the name is excellent. I’ve been “going organic” ever since I was a kid. I remember arguing with my chemistry prof in college that the chemicals applied to soil did not have the same long-term effect as organic matter. I was one of the original hippie farmers — starting in 1971 we raised our own food for 25 years.


We live between the edge of the Oregon Coast Range and the Willamette Valley in central Oregon. I recently named our farm “Ecotome Farm” because my nephew, who has a Ph.D. in botany, says we live in an ecotome. That means a zone between two different ecological zones. Our garden is different from most community gardens because we are on private land, we don’t have separate plots and we work and plan together.

The garden has been a rich addition to our lives. One of our mottoes is “there’s no such thing as inclement weather, only inappropriate clothing.” I honestly have seen my friends in this group and I grow happier and healthier. There is much to say for spending time with the Earth in a physical activity that benefits your health and your pocketbook and your community!

Yours truly,
— Sally Crum