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Artfully Organic

The Magnificent Photography of Millicent Harvey

When I see a pure, LIVE, in-the- moment performance, one that is unencumbered, free, and overwhelmingly passionate, I can’t help but view it as truly what it is: an “event” of ORGANIC proportions.

I feel the same way about art and photography, and Palm Springs-based photographer, Millicent Harvey, fills that bill in her organic approach and delivery of stellar unencumbered evocative photographic images.

A recent transplant from Boston, Millicent Harvey has become known on both coasts for creating gorgeous images of natural landscapes, architectural landscapes, structural human made masterpieces, and most recently, her acclaimed “Story portraits,” which document delightfully raw emotional narrative about individuals and long term loving relationships, while simultaneously opening the window of TRUTH, revealing in fine art photographic prints and personalized books, the faces, body language, and emotional interplay of her subjects’ lives, or as Harvey succinctly credits them: “Perspectives on Lives Well Lived.”

With a keen eye and a compassionate lens, Millicent (aka “Missy”) Harvey is indeed an artist of Organic proportions.

Ms. Harvey is available for commissions, showings and publishing. Visit her at: www.millicentharvey.com or via e-mail: millicent@millicentharvey.com