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Caregiver’s Corner

by Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Harvesting the wisdom of our life experiences.

“I was pretty good” said my late husband Robert Muller after we finished viewing a DVD about his life at the United Nations. This wonderful Wisdom Interview was a reminder of his work for a better world and his love for the whole human family.

During his last years, he was alert and still drawing on the rich experiences from his writings, his books, and his life, which allowed him to express new conclusions. He played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” on his 10-hole
harmonica until his last day on Earth!

We are blessed that Robert kept an oral journal for over 40 years. Robert took his tape recorder everywhere: on his walk to the train station for the trip to the UN or in Costa Rica walking from our cabin to the University for Peace.

With brief case in one hand and tape recorder in the other, he would record his daily journal. He also recorded all his speeches and hoped one day—when someone visited his simple grave — they could put a quarter in the slot and quietly listen to one of his speeches to open their hearts and minds.

We wrote and published over 7,500 Ideas for a Better World during the years we were together. It was an opportunity for Robert to gather all his ideas and present them to the world. Now these ideas, gained from his childhood through his years at the UN, are in our daily email newsletter at www.goodmorningworld.org. His deep faith in humanity continues to inspire and give hope to all.

Robert accomplished something we all wish we could do—harvest the wisdom of our life experiences. Robert was the best Robert he could be, each and every day of his life, and he embraced me to be me.

In 1995 he dedicated his Book of Decide to Poems with these words: “To Barbara, my heaven, my paradise on Earth, with overflowing love, Robert.” And I wish you each a blessed and happy 2013 with overflowing love.

Decide to be YOU

by Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Every decision made on this planet in your life and mine was first a thought in someone’s mind.

Decide to think the thoughts that make you happy.

Let go of your doubts in your life they have no place. Just decide to be . . .

Every dream you ever dreamt and your wish shall be sent straight to God, Buddha or a tree.

You see God is everywhere inside you and me. It’s your choice now to decide to be . . .

An example for all to see and then you’ll know why the little baby you once were was allowed to grow.

It’s not your age, your income or your being.

It’s just you so keep on dreaming.

The coincidences will happen so quickly you’ll know.

First you dream, then watch it grow.

That’s it!

So simple and pure. It’s God’s way to say, “I love you for sure”

Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Gaughen Global Public Relations