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Caregiver’s Corner


by Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Barbara Gaughen-Muller Honors Marriage Annually on June 27, Remembering Her Late Husband on National Decide to Be Married Day

June 27th is our wedding anniversary. My late husband Dr. Robert Muller, the former United Nations Assistant Secretary General, passed away over two years ago. We fell in love in Santa Barbara at a La Casa de Maria Invitational. It was a miracle we met. It must have been our destiny because Robert was Chancellor for the University for Peace in Costa Rica and I lived in Santa Barbara. The decision to get married was a big one for us. To the right are the words I wrote for our wedding. As his caregiver during his last years these words were my inspiration.

Chases Annual Events has marked June 27 as Decide to Be Married Day, a day to reflect on both the decision for marriage and how the union of two really is a life-time commitment. Hug your partner today. What a gift to share your life with another.

I carry on Robert’s work, speaking, writing, and as President of the UNA-USA, Tri county chapter. Sharing our 7500 Ideas for a Better World in a daily email at www.goodmorningworld.org continues to bring our ideas to the world.

I send my love to each of you. Thank you for your wonderful emails and I hope my poem is a comfort to those who are now care- givers for their loved ones. I thank dear Estelle Foster and Ben Lizardi for the beauty and inspiration they bring to Robert’s and my work in The Caregiver’s Corner in every issue of Going Organic Magazine. And I quote from my poem “to express your joyful oneness to every person you meet, and in every action you take” also describes them perfectly.

Decide to be Married
by Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Decide to be married
To become one heart, one body,
one mind and one soul
To share your joy
To live life as an art
And to make every moment precious Whether together or apart
Remember as a couple
You are now more than one
To create harmony and perfect love
that will last through eternity
even after this life is done
Remember also there is a power
In this union of two
to protect this planet
And humanity too
As a couple you can do it
It’s in the deciding
To be united in love
To express your joyful oneness
To every person you meet, and
In every action you take
And together a perfect marriage you’ll make.

Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Gaughen Global Public Relations