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Clark’s Nutrition: Celebrating 40 Years of Helping People Live Better

The cornerstone of Clark’s philosophy is to provide reliable nutritional information for the consumer’s benefit in making educated and informed decisions, resulting in vibrant health.

by Grace Xanthos

Most health conscious people who live in the Coachella Valley or the Inland Empire have heard about and visited Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets. In fact, I see many of our readers when I shop at Clark’s in Rancho Mirage. But if you haven’t been to one of their stores, you might want to join the crowd.

This year marks the 40th year that Clark’s has been helping people live better. Thus, they celebrated with a ribbon-cutting and “Grand Reopening” at each of their three stores: Rancho Mirage, Loma Linda, and Riverside. Fun!


I attended the Rancho Mirage reopening on January 12th, and I was pleased to see that my regular shopping stop had gotten even better! The day was filled with visiting health experts, product representatives with free samples, nutritional experts, new educational magazines, new in-store kiosks, live music, free health-basket giveaways, and even a visit by our local celebrity, Tim Bradley Jr., the WBL Welterweight Camp of the World. So, of course, I got an autograph along with my vitamins, organic foods, and lactose free milk.

I also noticed many customer photos hanging and posted around the store, with quotes like, “Clark’s is my sanctuary of nutrition,” “The best customer service in town,” “Great products and knowledgeable staff.” There was vast diversity in the customers—everything from soccer moms to world-class athletes and everyone in between. It was quite impressive.

While I was there, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Barnett, Clark’s Marketing Director, who answered all my questions about Clark’s. I was curious how a store that began as a small, family-owned health food store — before the Going Organic craze really took off—had managed to last 40 years and grow into the three-store, market/educational resource we see today. Luckily, Mike likes to share…

Learning to Live Better

Although Clark’s is known, in part, for its wide variety of supplements, groceries, organic produce, and wheat or gluten-free products, it is really a store with so much more. I think Clark’s new slogan says it all: “Live Better…We Can Help.” And they certainly live up to their name and claims.


Clark’s has been family owned and operated since 1972. A leader in the natural products market, Clark’s has a wide selection of whole & organic foods, organic produce, bulk foods, dairy, and deli items, as well as prepared foods and a full frozen foods selection in all their stores. Clark’s is a leader in the fields of Vitamins, Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Herbs and Teas, Heath & Beauty Products, and Homeopathic Remedies.

Four generations of Clark family members and employees have continued bringing healthy living to anyone that desires a healthy life. The Clark’s Nutrition “family” has a passion in making a difference in the way we shop for health. They pride themselves on providing all of us with quality products and personalized customer service. They also strive to answer questions to help us make smarter and healthier decisions when buying natural products.

When shopping at Clark’s, there is no doubt about their dedication to educating consumers, as demonstrated in their strict 5-level employee training program which takes an employee approximately 3½ to 4 years to complete. Clark’s “Nutritional Consultants,” not only answer our questions but walk us to the  appropriate products and tells us all about them. Try visiting one of their stores. You will see the difference. You will feel the difference. And hopefully, you will be encouraged in your efforts towards a truly healthy lifestyle.

Live Better, We Can Help” is not just a slogan at Clark’s. According to Mike Barnett, it is the “Core Value at Clark’s.” That is why they train their floor staff for years to be “Nutritional Consultants,” not just sales clerks as found in other markets. They are “about people, not just products.” But that is not the end of what the company offers consumers…

The Heritage of Clark’s Nutrition

Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets have been family owned and operated since 1972. Four generations of Clark family members and employees have continued bringing healthy living to many individuals throughout Southern California.

The heritage of Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market can be traced to the early days of mom and pop health food stores. Jim Clark, the company’s founder, purchased the first location in 1972 in downtown Riverside.

In those early days, the public often thought of health food stores as a source for date shakes, carrot juice, and hippies. However, Jim had a vision that the industry would grow into what is today: a 60 billion dollar industry.

Jim’s son, Ray Clark, CEO, brought the second generation into the company. Ray’s sons, Bruce and Jeff Clark, represent the next generation. So after 40 years, Clark’s can say, “It just keeps getting better!”