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From Our Readers

Dear Going Organic

I like Going Organic Magazine so much for its great info and pictures. I liked the Suzanne Somers article and plan to buy her products. I also don’t eat anything that comes out of a box. If you want to be healthy, you have to watch what you eat.
—Carol Southard, Agoura

I look forward to each new issue of Going Organic Magazine. The photography of each page is poetry in motion and with each article we gain knowledge on how to heal our planet, body, and soul. I loved the Caregiver’s Corner and the beauty of “Decide to be Married” by Barbara Gaughen-Muller. It was very special to me as I lost my soul mate eighteen months ago. Keep up the good work.
—Gayle Hodges, Palm Springs

I appreciate Going Organic! I picked up a copy and was touched with the colorful presentation and interesting and inspirational articles. I wanted to show some articles to a friend and did a Google search, and your site was promptly listed.
—Peter Reck, Desert Hot Springs

I commend Going Organic Magazine, because starting any magazine is truly a labor of love. But Going Organic Magazine is not only a luscious publication, it’s brimming with important and useful information. I’m a ‘newbie’ to the Slow Food, Local Food and the Organic Food movement, so every little nougat of information excites me. I was lamenting the fact that in a gated community they “frown” on having chickens in one’s backyard. Imagine! But I’m soldiering on, trying to garner interest from some of our residents—at least to have a community garden. I’m delighted to say that the bug has also bitten my husband.
—Elizabeth Moritz, Palm Desert

Going Organic Magazine is just beautiful! It is so educational and inspirational. I look for it every time I go to Clark’s Nutrition.
—Jessi, Desert Hot Springs

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