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From the Editor

Dear Readers and Friends:
First I want to say how happy I am to be a member of the great team at Going Organic. I look forward to hearing from and meeting many of you in the months to come, as I seek quality information to help us all live healthier and enriched lives. Secondly, welcome to the 2012 Summer edition of my favorite magazine!

Understanding the true importance of “going organic” doesn’t always come easy or fast. I am the perfect example of that idea. Although I have been vegetarian for over twenty years, like many Americans, I forgot that vegetarian doesn’t automatically equate with healthy! Until a few years ago, a fast-paced lifestyle of balancing several jobs, writing, and a hectic social life often left me grabbing fast food or frozen meals without even reading the labels. But an unexpected illness, forced me to realize the importance of going organic, and I’ll never go back!

So to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I make sure to get lots of greens and protein. That’s one of the reasons I was thrilled that Greg Schmitz and Jeff Smith of Palm Green Café—a vegetarian’s dream—shared the ingredients of their “secret recipe” for the “Tim Bradley Ultra Green Smoothie” with our readers in this issue. It is a healthy meal-replacement that is perfect for anyone who needs more energy, clearer thinking, or just a quick pick-me up.

As we all know, health involves body, mind and spirit. So, I am glad we have other members of the Going Organic team helping us obtain and maintain a completely healthy lifestyle. In this issue, Scott Cole provides relaxing and releasing Tai Chi moves; Johnny Foster gives some great advice on organic summer gardening; Barbara Gaughen-Muller bestows words of wisdom and support for caregivers; and “Liz the Wiz Medearis” offers her recipe for vegetarian Eggplant Yogurt Salad.

Our cover story this issue is about a remarkable woman: Marilu Henner. It was a pleasure reading her new book: Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future and learning about a whole new side of Marilu. We all know her as an actress, but as you’ll discover in the article, she is so much more than just another face on TV. I’m sure you’ll find her story and book just as fascinating as I did!

Working on the summer issue, it was a pleasure to learn more about our local Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (cvep) & the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub (cvihub), while meeting some of the people who are working towards creating more jobs, building the local economy, and encouraging new “green” technology and industries. There are only six zones in California blessed with this particular creative approach towards sustainability, so our valley is truly lucky to be one of them.

Our local iHub currently hosts many fascinating start-ups, such as Aurora Energy Systems, Electric Vehicle Enterprises, Mobile Farming Systems, Seismic Warning Systems, and W2 Energy. As you read about these entities and the people behind them, you’ll see just how important the ongoing work at the CViHub is to all of us, and you’ll meet some very interesting people with brilliant ideas to help us, our community, and our planet.

As always, Going Organic continues to support individual, family, community, global, and even pet wellness. So be sure and check out the rest of our regular health features. We join you in efforts at buying local and building a stable, safe, and sustainable environment.

Wishing you health, happiness, and success,
Grace Xanthos, Editor-in-Chief