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From The Editor

Welcome dear readers and friends to the second issue of Going Organic Guide. Your best wishes and appreciative emails and phone calls enthuse our efforts. Hearing from people in California and across the country lets us know we are speaking to your concerns and interests —Thank You!

We are very honored to feature Ed Begley, Jr. in this Fall edition of Going Organic Guide. Ed, whose celebrity in films, TV, and stage precedes him, is now well-known as a leading, sustainability advocate, and author. I believe he is a great teacher, because as I read his latest book, “Ed Begley, Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living,” I was immediately involved, and started thinking of small, and then larger ways, to conserve and then produce energy. I never knew that free “green audits” for our homes were available. Ed says besides conserving energy, defining our current energy usage through these “green audits” is a must before taking the incremental steps to our own sustainable future. Establishing a baseline is like getting a diagnosis before proceeding with a cure.

I understand that I don’t have to give up a lot, I just need to live more mindfully. In reading Ed’s book, I feel he is right there beside me fielding my questions and personally guiding me in this transition to a conservation of health, energy, and money.

Ed has my greatest admiration, and appreciation for his dedication to your family’s health, and the future health of our shared planet.

Jay Leno, in the book’s introduction, sums it up when he says, “Ed Lives Simply so others May Simply Live.” Let’s join Ed. I think it will be a great journey together!

—Estelle Foster, Editor & Publisher