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From the Publisher

Dear Readers and Friends:
We at Going Organic wish you very good health and a peaceful and abundant upcoming Holiday Season.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, our appreciation goes out to you. We thank you, our readers, for your enthusiastic support of Going Organic magazine and its sponsors all year long! It is that support that keeps our energy and creativity alive and well.

We are a team. The other team members are our excellent Sponsors, our talented Editor, Art Director, Creative Editor, Photographers, and our ongoing Writers—especially those of our regular features, such as Caregiver’s Corner, the Healthy Body/Mind/Spirit selections, and our Food Editor. We are also grateful to our new Webmaster and to those of you who send us your letters and occasional articles.

We at Going Organic strive to keep you informed of important issues that may affect you and your family’s health and safety, such as this issue’s emphasis on water. There are so many concerns about water. For example, in the future, the Colorado River water supply, on which much of Southern California depends, will be diverted. Water availability will be lessened, and rates will likely rise. That, combined with the shortage of drinkable water, means a thoughtful approach to our individual and community use of water has become quite important.

Fortunately, with a few gardening adjustments, our “edible gardens” could continue to provide us with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. Our Farmers’ Markets are bustling hubs of delicious and fresh, locally grown produce. And many of our Coachella Valley cities offer community garden opportunities and incentives. How fortunate are we?

I’m sure you will all enjoy reading our cover story; it’s all about Scott Cole’s exciting journey to enhance the availability of clean water and hygiene practices in parts of Africa. And be sure to read about the ongoing water crisis and ways you can help.
On a personal note, I am very grateful to live in a place where people care about each other, and I feel lucky to work with readers and sponsors who take sustainability efforts serious!

Estelle Foster

Estelle Foster, shown here with Patricia Bragg, is the multi-awarded Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition (PAAC). PAAC is a non-profit, environmental group in Santa Barbara that established over 40 toxic pesticide free parks. They produced five California Organic Festivals, published 25,000 bi-lingual Organic Resource Guides, and co-created a City and Community IPM Advisory Board. Estelle served as County Human Rights Commissioner, Vice President of the Small Wilderness Area Preserve, and introduced the County’s and City’s IPM Focus Group. Estelle created a Conflict Resolution Program and trained teachers in Santa Barbara schools. She appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as part of her success in supporting safer and healthier communities.