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Garden In A Box!

Gardening, whether edible or decorative, can be a great source of pleasure. It can provide food for the body and for the spirit. You may love roses and petunias, or palms and cycads. Organic herbs, chocolate mint, basil, thyme, or rosemary may appeal to you. You might prefer oregano, chives, parsley, cilantro, or all of them. But where to plant—front yard, back yard, patio, or in pots? Let us add one more idea for your consideration: garden boxes can offer diverse growing possibilities in most areas around your home, condo, office, or business. Here is a list of some of their many advantages:

  1. Garden boxes can fit into almost any area, large or small.
  2. They can be portable or stationary. This helps with seasonal sun, shade, heat or cold exposure, and protection.
  3. Selections range from single to multi level boxes for same space placement.
  4. It is possible to control a richer growing medium of fertilizers and amendments in a garden box.
  5. Garden boxes can afford great protection from squirrels, gophers, rabbits, birds, and insects.
  6. Garden boxes can be esthetically pleasing and beautiful in your garden.

They are worth a try for this spring season and for your year-round planting. Happy Gardening!

We just planted organic herbs in these garden boxes at Solano’s Bistro in old Town La Quinta. The patio pots contain more decorative plantings surrounded by organic veggie starts and edible flowers.

Johnny Foster, Organic Horticulturist, is eager to provide you with the support you need to plant a wonderful garden or orchard. contact: JohnnysOrganicGardens@cox.net