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Going Organic “Making A Positive Difference” Award

Goes To: Ms. Cathy Liss of Agua Caliente Elementary School in Cathedral City, California

Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Liss, teacher, on her enormous dedication in creating an organic, edible garden right outside her first grade classroom. With the approval and support of Dr. Lucy Medina, principal of Agua Caliente School, Slow Foods Desert Cities, and the Palm Springs Unified School District, Ms. Liss mentored her students to become familiar with the bounty of nature. They planted organic vegetable starts appropriate to each season. They saved their food scraps to create a compost bin.

They grew a butterfly garden. They made colorful wooden garden markers to sell in order to raise funds for plants, fertilizers, and garden supplies. They participated in a “Grow Your Own Organic Family Garden Workshop” for students and parents. The young students called their garden, “The Rainbow Garden.” The name sprang from the colors of vegetables and strawberries that colored their faces as they daily perused their garden snacking, and pulling weeds.

They planted and regularly cared for corn, onions, parsley, sunflowers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, potatoes, broccoli, cilantro, strawberries, peas, watermelon, and much, much more. The scarecrows that the students made were awesome. They learned to love the kale chips that Ms. Liss lightly toasted for them. She called it “brain food.”

The first graders were joined by other classes at the school to experience the wonder of growing edibles. The students tended their garden with great care and concern, thanks to the loving, and patient guidance of Ms. Liss.

Ms. Cathy Liss will “retire” as of this year. However, she will return as a volunteer. She has created a legacy of the garden that will live on for succeeding classes, and their families.

Patricia Bragg also sends you her congratulations, and, a gift of the new edition of her book “Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.”

We honor you Ms. Cathy Liss, and wish you the best!

Those wishing to support the Agua Caliente School Garden Project may contact the school: Checks may be addressed to AC PTA School Garden Send to: Dr. Lucy Medina OR Ms. Yadira Milward, Agua Caliente Elementary School, 30-800 San Luis Rey, Cathedral City, CA 92234. There are many unsung heroes and heroines among us who are quietly making a positive difference. Going organic Guide wants to acknowledge and honor their efforts. If you know of someone whom you’d like to nominate for a“Making a Positive Difference Award” in the next edition, please contact us at: editor@goingorganicguide.com.