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Growing A Healthy Life with the Moon

moonKnowledgeable gardeners are aware of the advantages of reaping and sowing in alignment with the cycles and phases of the Moon. The Moon is their guide to the right timing for everything.

People are a lot like gardens. Just as a rose requires rich healthy soil, organic fertilizer,
and proper hydration, we humans need sunshine and fresh air, organic food to eat, and pristine water for drinking and bathing in order to grow lives of optimal health and well-being. Balance is a key that’s often missing in our go-go-go-tillyou-burn-out way of life. Just as good gardeners utilize the Moon’s cycles and phases for success, we too can thrive in our modern world by utilizing this ancient wisdom.

How is the Moon related to your health and well-being? Water is the key. Our bodies reflect the same ratio of water to land—70% to 30% respectively—as this exquisite blue green planet. Each one of us is actually a micro ocean! Even though more subtly  experienced, we also respond to the gravitational pull of the Moon much like the ebb and flow of the tides.

Each lunar cycle lasts 28.5 days. During those first 2 weeks, from New to Full Moon, light and energy grow supporting a time of action you can use to set new health intentions and begin life-affirming regimens. Your progress becomes clear under the light of the Full Moon and what is calling for release becomes apparent. From the moment after the Full Moon peaks, the light and energy begin to diminish or wane over the following two weeks. Energy turns ever more inward and you’re reminded to review how you’ve grown and tended your own garden of health and well-being. It’s your opportunity to balance the first period of active growth with rest and reflection.

The Moon invites you to tune into its magical creative rhythms and re-enchant your everyday life. Begin by taking advantage of the next moonlit night. Step outside, feel the supportive earth under your feet and look up. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Moon light grows from left to right indicating the waxing phase and a time to take action. When the Moon’s light is diminishing from right to left, then it’s waning, and it’s time to move ever more inward and take advantage of this time to rejuvenate your energies. Watch your life blossom with more balance, vitality, and total well-being as you flow with the rhythms your body’s really been dancing to all of your life.