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Is Your Garden Drought Tolerant?

Is Your Garden Tolerant—Drought Tolerant That Is?

Having a drought tolerant garden is easy to do, and it can save water, time, and money. If that sounds appealing to you, here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Make sure that your irrigation system isn’t overwatering. One way to do this is to make sure that your irrigation system doesn’t have any broken sprinkler heads.
  2. Mulching can be delightful and provide cool, green areas around your trees and garden. Mulching also decreases your need to water as frequently. Mulching material preserves soil moisture and, as it breaks down, it provides nutrients for your plants.
  3. If you have an automatic clock, you can change the programming to accommodate your garden or orchard’s new irrigation requirements. The new method of programming would be to change to less frequent but deeper watering times, thus using less water overall. Your garden will respond well to this technique—especially when combined with mulching.
  4. If you now have a “sea” of lawn, you may want to shrink it to an “oasis.” Instead, try decorating the area with some lovely plants that require less water, some of which are also edible.
  5. Consider planting butterfly and bird welcoming plants in your drought tolerant planting.

There are many decorative plants that will attract these beneficial insects that support your garden’s good health.

Conserving water can be a creative and fun process!

Johnny Foster, Organic Horticulturist, is eager to provide you with the support you need to plant a wonderful garden or orchard. Contact: JohnnysOrganicGardens@cox.net