Going Organic Magazine is now the educational component of the non-profit, "Transition to Organics, Coachella Valley". (read more)

Letters to the Editor

Dear Going Organic,
I wanted to congratulate you on your first issue of the Going Organic Guide. It is such a good read and very well laid out.
I hope it is the first of many more. I’m a homeopath and I always stress to my clients that they should let food be their medicine.
Choosing organic, pesticide-free food is a must for our health and the health of all we share this planet with. Thanks for all the hard work you do to raise awareness on this vital issue.
If any of your readers are interested in a pharma-free return to health and well being, then homeopathy is a wonderful, sustainable and eco-friendly form of medicine.
—Mary Aspinwall, ISH, PCH

Dear Going Organic,
Thank you for your devotion to helping us humans on the planet!
—Vicki Mills

Dear Going Organic,
I was in palm Springs this past weekend and found your great new publication! I live in Sonoma California. Any plans for expanding up here?
—Carole Martinson

Dear Going Organic,
I wasn’t going to write to you until I had finished reading your new “Going Organic” magazine but since I am totally, organically captured and charmed with its articles (even the ads!) I am reading every word.
The magazine itself is a masterpiece of tastefulness (excuse the deliberate pun!) from cover to cover, the color and design, the graphics and photos—even the font, are all done with elegant eye appeal.
We writers love hyperbole but I am not exaggerating when I say the message you are spreading, with such professional grace, is literally life-changing.
I am now a watermelon convert. I am heading to “Luscious Lorraine’s” ASAP!
Best wishes for a happy and successful publishing experience. You and your message deserve it.
—Dessa Reed

Dear Going organic,
Your publication has me going thrilled and happy! This print and online publication will be a beautiful meeting place for all those who believe that organic gardens are healthy for pollinators and humans who eat the food. There are so many topics and voices that Estelle will bring to us, and I can’t wait for the next issue.
Estelle was a warrior in Santa Barbara for pesticide-free parks and neighborhoods. Now, she will reach a larger audience with her pesticide-free message in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. She knows how to get the job done, and this beautiful publication, Going Organic Guide, is just the beginning! I hope she expands to other communities.
—Mardena Waller