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Letters to the Editor

Dear Going organic,
I have congenital fusion of the 5th lumbar and the sacrum. That means that for most of my life, my lower back has been stiff and painful after a decent day’s work. Lately, that is especially true after four hours of gardening or bending over. Forget carrying. As I age, it is worse. Right now, I have a part-time job as an elementary school gardener. Working closely with children also means bending over to show them the ‘awe’ and magic in the garden. I love it!

I am also trying to launch Zero Waste on the Big island in Kona, Hawaii, so, I really need my back. Having lived near the beaches in San Diego, “Earthing” and grounding seemed logical, so I ordered the kit. After one night on the sheet, the swelling at the base of my spine went down. I sleep on the sheet every night and the swelling has not returned. Moreover, I am no longer a restless sleeper. After a hard day’s work and being sore, I wake up the next morning feeling ready to go again!
The most profound awareness for me, who also loves science and logic, is how simple and obvious a solution this is…I am very grateful!
—Bonnie Coffman, 67
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Dear Going organic,
Many thanks for the article about Clint Ober’s amazing contribution to health about earthing. I’ve heard about the subject of EMF’s, etc. for a few years and never knew what to do about them. Immediately after reading the book “earthing,” I purchased the bed sheet, computer keyboard, and mouse pad as well as a pad for my feet in the office. After 2 weeks, friends have told me I look great and my cheeks are rosy. I have been sending the magazine to friends to acquaint them with this health discovery.
—Carol, Rancho Mirage, CA

I really want to thank you for taking such a supportive interest in “Earthing.” The article Grace prepared and that you featured recently in Going Organic has generated an unbelievable amount of interest from people both here in the Coachella Valley and from across the U.S. and Canada. We now have people call or come to our offices daily saying they read about earthing in Going Organic and they want to know more about it and the earthing products.
What is most interesting is the amount of people who call or come in with stories reporting that after reading the article, they immediately went outdoors and spent time with their feet on the earth and that they did, indeed, feel much better and have more energy.

Again, thanks so much for helping to share the Earthing story. Wishing you great success with Going Organic Guide.
—Best, Clint Ober

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