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Looking for Love? A New and Exciting Livelihood?

Check Out “Cush Corner Alpacas” in Yucca Valley.

alpacasIn 2005, Cush Corner Alpacas owner René Perez was searching for the right fit for her future, and to her surprise, she fell in love. “I wanted a fun thing to look forward to in retirement that would produce an income. I started with four alpacas—two males and two pregnant females.

And after birthing the two babies, I was hopelessly hooked. I now have 40. It’s an extremely enjoyable lifestyle that offers constant learning, insight into alpaca needs and behavior, and personal relaxation. I find it very rewarding to successfully raise healthy happy animals that provide luxurious fleece for the fiber industry. I love interacting with these amazing creatures that have changed my life. Alpacas are beautiful, endearing, intelligent, silly, curious, calming, playful, fun and cute. There is nothing cuter than a baby alpaca,” said René.


reneAlpacas are a member of the camel family and are native to South America, renowned for their fleece. Once known as the Gold of the Andes, the fiber alpacas produce is among the very finest in the world. Alpaca fleece was once reserved for royalty because of its luxurious qualities. Demand for alpaca fiber has grown continually and its natural softness, warmth and broad range of natural colors create exceedingly fine garments, as well as a wide variety of  other products that benefit from alpaca fiber’s superior quality.

The challenge for alpaca ranchers in America is the availability of commercial fleece processing. There are approximately 100,000 alpacas in North America and millions in South America. René explains, “We do not have a large commercial mill here and will not until we have more alpacas. The importation of alpacas into this country is closed, so the industry now has to breed what we already have here. My vision for the future is to work toward increasing the number of alpacas in North America by getting people interested in breeding them and making the commercial processing of fleece more available and affordable for everyone. Alpacas are easily cared for compared to other livestock. They’re small, easily trained and hardy. Anyone who is interested in raising livestock will love alpacas. Best of all, their fiber provides a renewable resource.”


baby-alpacaCush Corner Alpacas is open to the public to experience the sensation of these cute and cuddly creatures. Feel the fleece. Tour the ranch, learn about raising and breeding alpacas, and shop for alpaca products.

René shares, “Anyone who desires to learn about alpacas can get up close and personal. Come visit the ranch and be introduced to an animal most people have not ever seen. For those who don’t want to be a breeder, they can get an alpaca as a pet. We schedule tours by appointment and introduce people to the wonderful world of alpacas by educating them, interacting with the animals and seeing some of the products that can be made from fleece. We sell alpacas, raw fleece, and items made from fleece, including yarn, hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, socks, toys, sofa throws, purses and even manure, which makes the most wonderful natural fertilizer. We also mentor new alpaca owners and board animals for those that can’t have them at their home.”

For more information, contact René Perez at: cushcorner1@yahoo.com or call
(760) 365-4553.
Cush Corner Alpacas
56725 Breezy Lane,
Yucca Valley, CA 92284