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Making a Positive Difference Award

Goes to: John Morris

john-morrisJohn Morris is the epitome of someone who deserves the Making A Positive Difference Award, because he dedicates himself to helping others. John isn’t someone who picked a favorite charity to donate some money to and left it at that—he gives his time, energy and entire self to making a positive difference virtually all the time.

John has had many incarnations, from celebrity caterer, landlord, and currently; massage therapist. John requests that his massage clients write his payment check to The Well In The Desert rather than to himself. The Well In The Desert provides daily nutritious hot meals, emergency food assistance, weekly supplemental food distribution, and access to community services to those affected by poverty, including the working poor, the homeless, seniors, the handicapped and others in need throughout the west end of the Coachella Valley. When John saw that the organization was losing significant funding, he decided that he would make as much difference as he could—by giving over his paycheck.

A few of his acts of kindness include; volunteering for Toys For Tots, The Well in the Desert and Desert Aids Project. He also regularly shares his wonderful organic eggs with neighbors, friends and those he finds in need.

John lives sustainably and is very environmentally conscious. He has his own organic vegetable garden and raises his own chick- ens organically. Recognizing yet another opportunity to make a positive difference, John helped change one family’s fortune when gave them six of his chickens they had admired. The alcoholic husband ceased his excessive drinking and is now totally immersed in caring for the family’s new chickens. Afterwards, that family then did some kind acts for their neighbors, and so it continues—totally a scenario of “paying it forward.”

chickenJohn Morris is an unsung hero whose praises we now sing! We salute you John and thank you very much for setting an example that inspires our higher selves to make our own positive difference.


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