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Messages from Water and the Universe

Book Review

By Grace Xanthos, M.A., D.C.H.

Messages from Water and the Universe By Masaru Emoto
(2010, Hay House Publishing, ISBN # 978-1-4019-2746-2)

Many people are familiar with some level of Dr. Emoto’s work with water and ice crystals, which was prominently displayed in the film What the Bleep Do We Know? and fully explored in his many books, beginning with The Hidden Messages in Water, which is now also available as a DVD Seminar. For those who haven’t read his work, he believes that water is “deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.” His work to prove this has brought him worldwide acclaim. For 20 years, Dr. Emoto has been conducting experiments in which he exposes water from various sources to “good” or “bad” words and pictures; then he records the outcome with pictures.

To test and treat water, Emoto simply places the water in a glass container on top of the written word(s) or a picture. After an average of 24-48 hours of good/bad exposure, he freezes a drop and takes a thin slice of the ice to photograph. The “good” words are those most people agree on, such as love and gratitude, peace, or health; the pictures are items like a child smiling, a puppy, or beautiful flowers. “Bad” words are the opposite, such as hate, war, greed, or illness; the pictures might include anything from a bomb explosion to depictions of death or sadness.

To date, Dr. Emoto’s books have been translated into 45 languages and have sold well over 3 million copies. As an avid fan of Emoto’s work, I thought I had read all of his books. However, I recently found out I had missed one: Messages from Water and the Universe (MFWU). So, of course, I was excited to read it. I drank it all in during one Sunday morning, and I have no doubt that this book will bring his total sales up to well past the 4 million mark!

In MFWU Emoto discusses his ongoing work with water crystals and his continuous world travel to bless or pray for polluted lakes and rivers from Spain to Russia, Canada, and America—to name a few. He provides beautiful pictures that document double rainbows appearing over previously polluted lakes, which become cleaner when “treated” by likeminded people who direct their words (i.e., sounds, prayers, blessings) and consciousness towards “clean water.” A short time after exposure to positive intentions, previously distorted water-crystals and murky water become beautiful water-crystal pictures and cleaner, fresher water. However, in this book Emoto takes his work a step further by adding what I call “The Emoto Theory of Everything.”

Dr. Emoto joins other researchers who argue that everything is connected; everything is lovingly orchestrated by a higher intelligence (i.e., “God” or “Divine Being”); everything—including people, words, pictures, plants, etc.—has its own vibrational frequency; and people can control the vibrational frequency of their bodies by use of well-stated words and loving intentions sent with gratitude. He suggests that when and if we learn what we came to Earth for, our soul will leave the body with the frequency required to join with the Divine. Until then, we all need to keep working on getting the vibration right, not only for ourselves, but also for the entire planet its inhabitants.

Water, Emoto tells us, is the common element in all things; thus, it can be used for our good intentions and positive vibrational shifts: “The answer is water. I’m convinced that it is the medium that will connect the world of the Divine with the human race.” Why? Because Emoto reminds us that the Bible says, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.” He explains that sounds and words—VIBRATIONS—are the basis of all that is. Water has three properties that he feels make it the ideal medium for humans to use for vibrational messages to and from the Divine:

  1. “I believe that it [the ‘word’] actually refers to vibration—that is, God uses the vibration to create all of life.” Thus, “Water is the messenger of God’s will.”
  2. “God created resonance [of sound] as a physical reminder that every being on Earth has a single ‘self’ yet is also connected to everything and shared harmonious energy.”
  3. “God combined vibrations and creativity, and the mediator is water. Why is that? Because water is the only thing that can transfer vibrations. God created water to help carry out His plans for the world, and within the center of those plans are two important energies: love and gratitude.”

Emoto continues by sharing recent findings from NASA regarding water hitting Earth from space; giving the specifics of how water stores and transfers information; discussing the role of water in DNA activation for self improvement; and theorizing about treatment for viruses (such as swine flue) in the same way contaminated water is treated. Always, of course, the reader is reminded that no one is here on a solo journey—we are all stewards of our own bodies, each other, and the environment.

Luckily for readers, this little must-read book provides not only lots of pictures and food for thought, but it also suggests a way of living by water principles. Emoto concludes his book by urging readers “from the bottom of my heart…to start living with love and gratitude, and remember that all of the answers lie in water.” Based on the work of an ancient Japanese warrior, Kuroda Yoshitaka, Emoto suggests that one way to begin is to study and live by “Five Principles of Water:”

  1. The one who acts makes others act; this is water.
  2. The one who seeks his own way and never stops; this is water.
  3. The one who meets obstacles and multiplies his power; this is water.
  4. The one who is pure and purifies those who are contaminated; this is water.
  5. The one who fills the ocean, transforms to cloud, vanishes to fog, and freezes like a mirror but still retains his essential self in any form; this is water.

As this book reminds us, the world is in terrible turmoil today. So I, for one, will be taking Dr. Emoto’s advice and trying to learn “the authentic nature of life,” which is revealed in the marvelous properties of water, love, and gratitude.