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My Healthy, Happy Life

By Ella Mauritzson
My name is Ella. I am 7 years old and I come from a super healthy family. I like to eat healthy food because it’s good for your body and it keeps you well. I do not like being sick. Eating good food makes me feel wonderful! It gives me super energy to play and work. I love to eat things like sweet potatoes, beans, carrots, broccoli, swiss chard and every fruit there is!

When I was in the first grade, I took a cooking class after school. I learned how to cook good food like ratatouille and cheese calzone. It was fun! Now I cook with my mom. We make lentil and rice stew and healthy muffins with nuts, berries and wheat germ in them. I love cooking because it makes me feel happy and people like to eat my yummy, healthy food.

My family planted an herb garden in our yard and we cut herbs for our food. I love to smell them and stir them in while we’re cooking. I like that they came from our house and we didn’t have to buy them at a store.

In the summer, we live in Sweden. We pick blueberries in the forest and make blueberry pie. It makes my teeth purple! We also pick all kinds of mushrooms in the forest. I love to pick them, but I will not eat them. The forest smells fresh and it makes me feel peaceful. Sweden is a healthy place. The air smells good and I am happy to be with my family. In Sweden you can only eat what is growing in that season so everything is fresh. I like that.

I am sad when I see people eat bad food and fast food because I know it hurts their body. I hope everyone can have a chance to eat good food that is organic, and will help them grow. People would be healthier and feel better so that the world would be better. Have fun eating healthy food!