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My Pet Rocks!

Because we love our pets and we love sharing what makes them special, Going Organic will feature selected pets that are submitted in every issue. If you’d like your pet to be featured, please send us the following: Your contact information (name, phone, email address), your pet’s information, (name, age, breed), a photo of your pet, and share what makes your pet special!

Happiness Is a Warm and Friendly Chi-Pom

pookaPooka is the puppy featured in this edition of Going Organic. He is a Chi-Pom, a Chihuaha and Pomeranion mix who was born on Valentine’s Day a year ago. He is everyone’s friend who loves to socialize, and go on road trips. He loves to give kisses, cuddle and play “Catch Me If You Can.” We didn’t anticipate adopting a dog to fit in to our busy scheduled lives but it was love at first sight. Something drew us to pick up this special puppy, who needed a home, and not let go. A friend’s dog had puppies and we unintentionally became Pooka’s new family pack. Because we take him with us most everywhere, he feels left out if he has to stay home alone sometimes— a challenge to be worked out.
A Happy Family, Palm Springs

tigerA peaceful “Tiger”
Submitted by Jules Morgan, Northern California

I’m in love with Ginger
gingerHer cold nose first hits my face preparing me for the licking sure to follow.
I know morning has come and it’s time to play and she always gets her way.
She hears the fridge door open from any room in the house.
She puts her head in your lap while you eat, so she doesn’t drool on your feet.
She hogs the bed, chases flies has big brown eyes and I’m in love with Ginger.
Best regards
Bruce Gillen, VP / Branch Manager Rabobank

pair“Look into our eyes, you’re getting sleepy… you’re going to buy us more toys for Christmas.”
Submitted by Sheri Rexroat, Palm Springs

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