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Dr. Patricia Bragg Spreads Priceless Health Knowledge and Teaches by Example


To all who yearn to learn about healthy living, Dr. Patricia Bragg is a constant source of information, inspiration, and living proof that the health advise she has long espoused, indeed, really works! Anyone who meets Patricia or attends one of her health education events, can’t help being blown away by her energy, enthusiasm, and vivacious healthy spirit.

President and C.E.O. of Bragg Live Food Products, Dr. Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. is the Chairman of the Board of the Bragg Health Institute. Patricia is the daughter of health pioneer, Dr. Paul C. Bragg, and she established Bragg Health Institute in honor and memory of her father. She is recognized internationally as a leading health and lifestyle educator and is a passionate pioneer in the health and natural food industry. Patricia lectured worldwide with her father and continues to spread
a wealth of health knowledge, fitness and wellness. She has co-authored The Bragg bestselling health lifestyle books with her father.

Going Organic Magazine caught up with Patricia to hear what the woman who literally wrote the book on healthy living, has to share about improving, maintaining and extending our health.


“Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used Apple Cider Vinegar in 400 B.C. for detox cleanses and heal his patients! It’s a natural antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria to keep the body clean and healthy. Not only that, it helps promote a youthful body, maintains healthy skin and helps with tight, aching arthritic joints and sore muscles. And guess what, it stops dandruff and treats a dry and itchy scalp. Two hours before you shampoo your hair, rub apple cider vinegar over your scalp, and the dandruff vanishes. People have tried to fight dandruff for years using all sorts of shampoos and ointments without stopping it. They should try Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It also helps keep blood the right consistency and helps women with menstruation and relieves PMS. Wow!”


“You are what you eat, drink, breath, think, say and do! I teach that each one of you out there in this big wide world, you are a miracle of life –- precious life! And I want you to be your own Health Captain and take charge of your health. What you put into your mouth with your knife, fork and spoon -– that’s going into your fuel tank. So before you put it in, think what it’s going to do for you. Is it going to bring you health or sickness? Is it going to bring you mucus, a cold, obesity, diabetes? Is it too much sugar? You see, you need to think about that. So when you over-fuel your body, your body gives up. It says, ‘Where can I store it? –- Oh, what am I going to do with it?’ So it puts it on your rear, your upper arms, your upper legs – people get rolls of fat around their neck and around their waist. So many Americans are obese because they eat with their eyes. We’re bombarded with TV, newspapers, video, and radio – every place we go. Oh the temptations are out there.

Remember, your feet are your foundation. Many people don’t even give any thought to their feet. Dr. Scholl lived to be almost 100, and he said your feet carry you through life and noted that women abuse their feet with the wrong shoes and the wrong walking posture.

Never sit with your legs crossed. You have a major artery at the back of each knee, and when you sit with your legs crossed, you’re putting pressure on your heart and it can’t pump blood to get down to the feet. That’s why so many women get varicose veins.”

For women who wear a wired bra, Patricia advises, “It’s not healthy to wear wired bras. Grab your arm between your elbow and your wrist, grab it tight and squeeze it. How would you like that 12 hours a day? You wouldn’t. And that’s what a wired bra is doing to the chest of millions of American women. Here’s a simple breast exercise: bring your arms up, tighten up your fist, open up your other hand, now hit your fist into your open palm. Hit, release, hit, release, hit, release, over and over. It’s a great exercise and millions of women do it every day. You can get a very soft bra, but no wires. And if they have wires, I say ‘cut them out.’ This is very important. Circulation is one of the keys to good health and when you wear a wired bra, you’re cutting off circulation in a vital area around your heart and lungs.”



“Our book, The Miracle of Fasting, has been the #1 health book in Russia for over 45 years. Fasting is proven throughout history for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. The 15th century physician, Paracelsus, the father of body chemistry, said, ‘Fasting is the greatest remedy – the physician within.’ Fasting is like taking an internal shower. The joys of fasting are many. It’s adaptable to busy lives, it’s the quickest way to lose excess weight, it’s effective at promoting a healthy body, helps normalize cholesterol and blood pressure, helps you sleep better, and believe it or not, fasting increases the pleasure of eating healthy foods. I fast every Monday and the first three days of every month. The most I’ve ever weighed is 103 pounds. I don’t count calories and I don’t have to worry about my weight because I don’t overeat. You don’t want to stuff your stomach or overload your body with too much fuel. Food is fuel. Fasting keeps me healthy, active and youthful looking. People would never realize my age. I can run rings around 18 year olds because I have a clean, healthy body that carries me through every day, healthy, fit and full of energy! Fasting is a safe and effective method of detoxifying and cleansing the body
to keep it healthy.”


“In every way, every day, we should take control of our lives physically, spiritually, emotionally and even financially. We need to be wise and cautious in our eating. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Your stomach has no teeth! Be sure to get enough sleep to maintain good health. Do deep breathing. Most Americans are shallow breathers. And walk. Walking is the King of Exercise.

Remember, laughter is wonderful, and smile – give away a smile, be kind to people. Be loving. Be giving. Every day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.” a

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