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Suzanne Somers Breaks New Ground In Organics


Whether you recognize this blonde bombshell from her famed television roles in “Three’s Company” and “Step-By-Step,” or gracing the cover of her New York Times bestselling books, there is something Going Organic readers should know: the multi-talented Suzanne Somers has dedicated her life to health and wellness. After an unconventional and completely successful battle with breast cancer, Suzanne has been committed to researching and promoting healthy, organic, toxic-free living. The entrepreneur’s latest endeavor has combined her passion for wellbeing and our local Clark’s Nutrition to launch a completely Organic and Certified Toxic-Free line of Cosmetics, Body Care and Skin Care Products. Here to tell you about this innovative and nourishing line is Suzanne herself:   

What inspired you to create SUZANNE Organics?

Suzanne Somers: It dawned on me one day as I was rubbing self-tanner on my body (the stinky, orangey smelly kind from the drug store), and I thought, “What am I doing?”I go out of my way to eat organic, grow my own organic food, clean my house with organic products, I’m building a zero-emissions toxic-free house to replace the one that burned down, and here I am undoing all that good by putting toxic chemicals on my skin in the form of a cheap self-tanner.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and under a microscope, our pores look like billions of little “holes” in our skin. Into these pores go all the toxins from the environment and the products we put onto our skin. Eventually these toxins end up in our system and that’s when things go awry.

What makes SUZANNE Organics unique to other and/or organic product lines?

Suzanne: How about, not just organic, but “certified toxic-free!” That means each ingredient in SUZANNE Organics has to be grown organic, extracted organically, and nothing upwind or downwind of the product can be toxic to contaminate it. That’s pretty special. But best of all, these products are better and more effective than any product I have ever used, including the most expensive $150 creams.

What made you decide to partner with Clark’s Nutrition?

Suzanne: Well, for starters, Clark’s Nutrition has been serving Southern California since 1972. The Clark family business slogan is, “Live Better…We Can Help.” And over the last four decades, that is what they have done. I’ve been a Clark’s customer for years.

The partnership with Clark’s Nutrition is a perfect fit. Our messages are the same. I met with Ray Clark, the CEO, a true visionary, and felt his devotion and passion for healthy living. It was a slam-dunk!

I care what I put into my body. I also care what I put on my body. That’s why I’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Clark’s to bring you my certified organic and toxic-free skin care and cosmetics collection. No lead in the lipstick, no petroleum based fillers, and no emulsifiers. My products are actually good for you, and that’s a concept that’s never existed before in skin care and makeup.

When did you first make the connection between health and organic food, products and toxicity? Was there a defining moment in your life that you recall when “the light bulb went on?”

Suzanne: In most of my books, I relentlessly discuss the importance of the quality of the “fuel” you put into your body. If you owned a Maserati, the world’s symbol of quality in a car, you would never put inferior fuel into it. Our body is more valuable than any car regardless, and yet we routinely put inferior “fuel” in it, rub on toxic products, and rarely pay attention to the effects until we have a catastrophic event. Now you are climbing uphill.My ‘defining moment’ was breast cancer.

I had to ask myself, “What have I been doing relative to my diet and lifestyle that has allowed me to play host to this killer disease?” I decided to approach cancer in a way that felt right to me; go against my orthodox doctors (which is daunting), forgo the standard of care and do it my way. I decided I would eat as though my life depended upon it (which it does); real food, organic, pesticide free, and then sought out alternative but unproven cancer approaches. I used Mistletoe injections, called Iscador, known to build up the immune system to be so strong that nothing can invade it. I injected for seven years. Was that the magic bullet? Or was it the high quality food?

I’ll never know, but today thirteen years later, I’m healthy and happy and strong.   Living a healthy life gets a bad rap and those of us who choose it are deemed as “health nuts,” but taking cautionary and preventative steps today could be the antidote to living long and with quality. To me, it just makes sense.

What is your favorite product in your new Skin Care Line?

Suzanne: If I were forced to choose from all the wonderful SUZANNE Organics products that are toxic-free and organic, I would say the Ageless Serum. It’s loaded with sea algae from tested waters and African Birch, used for medicine in Africa for centuries. It also has many other incredible natural ingredients but these two stand out, and as we all know, the buzz in beauty is sea algae for wrinkles.

What is your favorite product in your new Cosmetic Line?

Suzanne: The Sheer Flawless Foundation. I wear bronze-dark because I keep a suntan all year-round. It’s a unique makeup in that it absorbs into your skin instead of lying on top of it and fills in the pores to look smooth and beautiful, yet what is in those pores are what we refer to as “superfood for your skin.” Imagine a makeup that is good for you! It has aloe, castor seed, sesame seed oil, blueberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil, kiwi, cranberry, strawberry acai, Goji berry oils, thyme, tea tree, sweet orange and many other wonderful ingredients from nature.

For me, I finally feel good about wearing makeup. And I have to say our lipsticks that are lead-free are spectacular.

Is the product line for everyone or are you targeting a specific audience?

Suzanne: The SUZANNE Organic line is for all people who have awareness that the environment is wreaking havoc with our health and that it all adds up. Where is the tipping point? We eat food with pesticides and toxins, we put cosmetics on our face and skin loaded with chemicals, we clean our houses with toxic products, we spray our gardens with pesticides and then we wonder why we are sick and have “conditions” that never existed before; autoimmune diseases, cancer, ADD, ADHD. Sadly, our brains are under attack as evidenced by our senior population and now the rising phenomenon of children with brain cancers.

Maybe starting with skin care and organic cosmetics is the gateway to changing your health and lifestyle. Your skin will feel better and look better as a result. After that, it would make sense to demand clean toxic-free food and toxic-free homes.

What is the most important part of your healthy lifestyle?

Suzanne: More than anything, think good thoughts. We can program ourselves for happiness by looking for the good each day and finding gratitude. The human body is comprised of approximately 60-90 trillion cells. All cells communicate with one another.

I do a daily exercise: I isolate just one cell, and tell it each morning how grateful I am for my life, the love I have, that I enjoy my work and appreciate the beauty of the desert that I get to enjoy. Then I visualize that one cell yelling at all the other 90 trillion that “We are grateful, happy, fulfilled by my work,” etc., and you know what? It makes me feel happy, every day.

I am a happy person because I choose it and program myself. Eating well and taking good care of me is part of my daily programming. Good health takes work but as I always say, “It’s more work to be sick.”

If you could communicate and pass on some advice to your twenty-something year old self, what would it be?

Suzanne: Forgive. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. I was raised by a violent alcoholic. He destroyed my childhood and that of my brothers and sister. It wore my mother down. It was a house of sadness and fear. I’ve written several books about him and through that process I learned that holding on to anger and resentment allowed the disease to win. When I forgave, truly forgave, I was set free. I learned to love my father and understand that alcoholism is a disease that has plagued our family for generations. There were a lot of life lessons about his disease that I never got to see until I was able to forgive him.

Today I am free and loving and when I think of my father, I feel good. And I love him.

Do you feel that your life experiences have motivated you to develop SUZANNE Organics?

Suzanne: Certainly cancer was a disguised gift. I decided that pumping my body with chemical poisoning as suggested was not the way I wanted to go, instead I changed my diet, released all anger and negative thinking, and changed my bad habits. I started going to bed early, stopped drinking white wine, and found cutting-edge Western doctors who understood detoxification. I figured a detoxed body and good nutrition were better antidotes than any chemicals that were offered. I never looked back. For me it was a great decision that changed my life and career.

Organics is part of the “thread” of my life and thinking. I wouldn’t use any other products and I am so very proud of them. They are perfectly clean and toxic-free.

What has been the initial feedback you’ve received from women who’ve used SUZANNE Organics?

Suzanne: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That’s all I hear, they love the products. I believe my customers are like me, people who have decided to take control of their health. These are people who have “wised up.” They get it. The body was never meant to process chemicals and especially to this degree. Our livers are groaning from the abuse. The liver is the body’s toxic waste filter and it can’t function when overloaded with chemicals. Why add more?

Do you think if more people become aware of the dangers of putting toxins on their bodies, they’ll care more about what they put in their bodies?

Suzanne: My goal is to use this passage of my life to educate. I have a more widely heard voice thanks to my celebrity. I am a trusted brand and I tell people the truth. For me, my kind of health is true health and the best part is the freedom I feel from restrictions. I eat real food. Because of that I don’t need to “diet.” My book “Sexy Forever” covers the explanation of your toxic burden in detail, and describes how to clean out and restore our bodies, and keep weight off while eating great food.

It’s wonderful; I eat organic butter, cream, sour cream, olive oil and full-fat cream cheese. I eat grass-fed hormone-free beef, wild-caught salmon, organic chicken. I only eat organic fruits and vegetables.

The most difficult thing for me is to be on the road when I don’t have access to quality food. That’s when I am able to see firsthand the poor diets of Americans and why they are so fat. Toxins get stored in the fat; the more toxins you ingest whether by mouth or on the skin), the more fat you need for storage. That is why our poorest people who have less access to quality food and buy their food at convenience stores (there is no real food at convenience stores) are so fat. It’s not about how much one eats; instead, it’s the chemicals that are the culprit. Give up chemical food and the weight falls off.

When women discover the benefits of toxic-free skin care, do you think the cosmetic industry will change the way they manufacture their products?

Suzanne: As one famous actress once said at the Oscars, “You like me!” My readers and followers like me. They trust me. I will never let them down. They know (and tell me), “If it’s your product, Suzanne, I know it’s the best.” And it is. There’s nothing else out there like it.

My Personal Experience with Suzanne Organics—Alexandra Lee

When I learned I would have the opportunity to write this article, I thought it would be a good idea to give the products a test run. As organic-conscious consumers know, it’s hard to find effective and affordable (let alone Organic!) beauty products.

After a month of using SUZANNE Organics, I’m extremely excited to inform you that all these attributes apply! I’ve been using the Everyday Cleanser, Complexion Serum, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Rain Body Butter and Wild-Vanilla Orange Nourishing Body Lotion. Here’s what I found…

The Organic-Toxic-Free Difference

My first observation of the products was their light and natural fragrance, which lacked any kind of artificial or chemical smell. This is because only essential oils and essences have been used in the product formulas.

The next difference I noticed between SUZANNE Organics and conventional products was the texture. Most manufacturers use additives and chemicals, causing them to be heavy and creamy or elastic and gel-like. From the Cleanser to the Body Butter, SUZANNE Organics contain no additives and their texture is somewhere between a cream and a gel. Their luxurious feel allows them to be easily applied and absorbed through the skin.

Finally, I noticed the color of the products. Because they contain all-natural ingredients, there are no bleached creams or transparent cleansers.

The Results

After a month of daily use, I can’t decide which product is my favorite. The Everyday Cleanser is a light cream and doubles as a make-up remover. Because it is toxin-free, it’s gentle on the eyes and causes no stinging! I’ve been using the Complexion Serum on my chest to clear up sun damage and other spots; an area I’ve always been self-conscious of due to many hours on the golf course. The serum has definitely improved it!

Recently, my younger sister pointed out my crow’s feet (obtained in my 20’s). Thank goodness the Anti-Aging Eye Cream was included in my trial kit, as it has worked wonders! The option of the Body Butter and Nourishing Body Lotion has been wonderful considering our unpredictable summer desert weather. For added moisture on dry days, the dense body butter does the trick. On humid days, I’ve loved using the body lotion.

When Can I Get More?

I can’t wait for the launch of the line at Clark’s so I can purchase additional options! Before SUZANNE Organics, getting ready for bed after a long night at the restaurant was a chore. I would just as soon crash in bed without even taking off my makeup. Now that I know I can nourish my skin with organic products as much as I can nourish my body with organic foods, I look forward to my nightly routine of taking care of my skin.