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The Formula For Success

When you step into The Body Deli, you enter an organic food store. To be clear, The Body Deli creates fresh, raw, organic skin, body and haircare products. Amazingly, because their products are made from living superfoods such as blueberries, acai berries, pomegranate, green tea, coconut and certified local organic farm produce, everything is actually edible. The fresh, fragrant scents that permeate The Body Deli are indescribably  enticing and just hint at the delectable, revitalizing treasures that await discovery.

the-furmula-3Necessity — The Mother of Invention
The Body Deli’s co-founder, Margaret Skarin, shares, “I became a licensed cosmetologist in 1978 and I loved doing makeup, facials and hair—anything to do with beauty. But, at the time, it was one of the most toxic industries you could have gotten into. After about five years, I developed a terrible allergic reaction to the chemicals. They started to eat the skin on my hands. It looked like I had dipped them in acid and I lost the use of my hands for six months. They had blisters all over them and they were cracked and bleeding. I pretty much looked like a burn victim.”

Margaret tried everything available at the time to heal her hands, such as medications, shots, creams and cortisone. Nothing was working, so on the advice of her Grandmother, Margaret took matters into her own blistered hands. She researched and combined her knowledge of cooking and compelling drive to create a natural, pain-free formula to regain the use of her hands.

“I had no fear, and when I used the first cream I made, it didn’t burn, it soothed and it healed my hands,” said Margaret.

the-furmula-1The Birth Of A Business
At first, Margaret made her homemade healing cream for herself. However, as family and friends discovered the unique effectiveness of her curing creation, demand began.

“A woman with eczema on her hands tried the cream and it healed her hands. Christmas was coming and she wanted me to make 50 gift baskets. I laughed about it. I wasn’t making it to sell and didn’t have anything to put it in, other than a canning jar. Well, the woman said everybody had to have this. She’d been going to doctors for 25 years. No one could heal her, and this was the only thing that worked. She said she would buy the baskets and containers and pay whatever I wanted. I said ‘OK’ and that’s how it all started,” explains Margaret.

Years later, David Parker saw Margaret on a local TV show and found her at her store. Margaret shares, “David came in with all these great ideas and wonderful things that he wanted to do that were all raw, organic, facial care. At the time, I was doing all body care. He would show up every day, so excited about being able to make something—an eye cream, a new night cream or face cream. We were a formula for success, and David became my business partner.”

Raw, Living, Pure Products

the-furmula-2“When you go to the juice bar at the farmers’ market, your body has immediate recognition of ‘wow,’ you’ve given me enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins—thank you so much! The Body Deli experience is like going to the juice bar, and the products are unique because they’re made with fresh, live, organic fruits and vegetables that still have their enzymes, vitamins and minerals intact,” said Margaret. “We use dates and pink grapefruit from Coachella, sage from the High Desert and lots of other local ingredients. We have products with fresh cucumbers, blueberries, melon, cantaloupe and carrots. You can actually see the ingredients in the products,” she adds.

The flourishing business creates products sold around the world, and is locally owned and operated, offering personal care and guidance to suit each person’s individual and special needs.

Margaret Skarin and David Parker are the original pioneers to infuse the power of raw and organic superfoods into face, body and haircare products. This fresh approach to healthy, beautiful skincare has cultivated a loyal customer base, including celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Alicia Silverstone.

The Body Deli carries over 200 products, including facial cleansers, mists, hydrators, moisturizers, exfoliants, serums, masques, balms, scrubs, haircare products and more—all sourced locally and handmade in small batches. To keep up with demand, The Body Deli just added a local manufacturing facility and plans to focus on the Internet, wholesale accounts and open a bigger Body Deli locally.

In addition to The Body Deli store, located at 73-910 HWY 111 in Palm Desert, and Raymond Lawrence, located at 830 North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, Body Deli products are available on the company’s website; www.TheBodyDeli.com.