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To Our Readers

Dear Readers and Friends:

Spring is here, let it bloom! Our gardens, both decorative and edible are withstanding quixotic weather conditions to present us with flowers and edibles that nourish our spirits and bodies. Have you noticed the beautiful violet colored verbena flowers appearing randomly in the desert? The bursting forth of the Palo Verde tree’s golden flowers is Spring’s gift to us. Gratitude abounds.

We are happy to now offer subscriptions to Going Organic Magazine to our readers. We are very appreciative of your continuing readership and support, and are working to bring you information and insight that will enlighten and enliven your lives.

Joining Going Organic as new sponsors are; Kristin Olson’s legendary Urban Yoga Center (in the heart of Palm Springs) and Claudia Thompson, renowned authority on how we and our natural world are affected by the Moon. Welcome Kristin and Claudia! We are honored by all of our wonderful sponsors and contributors who offer integrity and the best in products and services.

Thank you to all!

This edition of Going Organic features Mobile Farming Systems. Their innovative indoor/outdoor gardening system offer flexibility and effective options for producing abundant produce right in our own homes. Also featured is an article about Biodynamics by our resident Organic Horticulturist, Johnny Foster.

pets“My Pet Rocks” is a new addition to Going Organic that will feature selected submitted pictures of your pet along with what makes your pet special. If you’d like your pet to be featured, please send your contact information (name, phone, email address), your pet’s information, (name, age, breed) a photo of your pet and share what makes your pet special, and send to: estelle2@cox.net.”

Spring softens the heart, and gives renewed energy to our visions. When we go outside into our gardens, parks, hiking trails, deserts and forests, something magical happens. Communing with nature may be just what the doctor orders.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Spring!

Estelle Foster

Estelle Foster, shown here with Pooka, is the multi-awarded Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition (PAAC). PAAC is a non-profit, environmental group in Santa Barbara that established over 40 toxic pesticide free parks. They produced five California Organic Festivals, published 25,000 bi-lingual Organic Resource Guides, and co-created a City and Community IPM Advisory Board. Estelle served as County Human Rights Commissioner, Vice President of the Small Wilderness Area Preserve, and introduced the County’s and City’s IPM Focus Group. Estelle created a Conflict Resolution Program and trained teachers in Santa Barbara schools. She appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as part of her success in supporting safer and healthier communities.

Three new faces for 2013!

The Going Organic Staff is growing by leaps and bounds. We’ve added three new members to our team of highly-experienced professionals who are dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability in all areas of life—what you eat, wear, live in and drive.

david-sternDavid Stern Editor, is a creative director and writer with more than 32 years of experience. He has led the planning, creative development and implementation of marketing campaigns for products and services across many categories
and communication platforms. With wide-ranging experience covering consumerbased communication, business-to-business, event marketing, promotion, retail, direct response, retail point-of-sale merchandising, web communication and
Social Media, David has worked at Chicago Advertising Agencies; J. Walter Thompson, Foote, Cone & Belding, DDB Needham and the CBS Affiliate for the Coachella Valley in California.


nikki-pavaNikki Pava National Editor, with a diverse range of talents and skills, brings leadership, strategic vision and management experience to mission-driven organizations. She is the founder of Alegria Partners, a strategic marketing and sustainability initiatives development consulting firm. In 2007, Nikki co-founded EcoTuesday, a nationally-recognized networking organization that takes place in cities across the country. Most recently Nikki was named in Renewable Energy News and Cleantechies as one of the Top 10 Women in Sustainability. Nikki is an entrepreneur and a healthy living advocate who holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from the Presidio School of Management. Find her on twitter: @nikkipava.


megan-goehringMegan Goehring Contributing Editor, is a dreamer, a visionary and the Executive Director for Domestic Engineering of Goehringworld Inc., her family cooperative venture—some days more cooperative than others. She is also a writer who has provided feature articles for The Desert Christian News and also spent two years crafting restaurant reviews for The Desert Sun, enjoying almost every bite. Megan currently edits the e-newsletter for the Coachella Valley Certified Farmers Markets, for which she serves as Community Liaison and Manager of the Palm Springs location. She has been with the CVCFM’s from the opening day in 2008, when she stood in line for 20 minutes to buy a head of broccoli with a big grin on her face. She is passionate about improving access to fresh, high quality food to everyone in her community.