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To Our Readers

Dear Readers and Friends:

We at Going Organic invite you to take a break from the heat, get yourself a smoothie and enjoy our refreshing Summer Issue.

Thank you very much for all of your subscription orders for yourself and as gifts for friends and family. We appreciate your overwhelming messages of support and patronage of our amazing sponsors.

Those of you familiar with Going Organic already know it features content that helps create better health and lifestyles for our readers. As new readers have discovered Going Organic, and provided feedback, we have found that a continually growing number of people believe, as we do, that “going organic” means making informed and ethical choices in how we live. It means making decisions based not only on what is best for us and our families, but also on what is best for future generations, local economies, and the planet.

chickenI’m sure you’ll enjoy our cover story about backyard chickens in our community. Farm-fresh food isn’t just for people who live on farms. There is a local growing movement to pass an amendment to a municipal code that will allow anyone in Palm Springs to raise chickens if they want to. Presently, there are 140 municipalities and jurisdictions in California that permit backyard chickens. The story features local urban poultry specialist, John Murphy, owner of City Chicks, a business that builds custom, handcrafted chicken coops.

Look for the booklet inside this issue titled; Going Barefoot—Stories Of Health & Happiness By Reconnecting To The Earth. These incredible stories are personal accounts of healing, such as; relief from long-suffered aches and pains, the curing of insomnia, surgeries no longer necessary, and much more. It’s a worldwide phenomenon based on the premise that human beings can fix much of what’s wrong with them by simply being grounded to the Earth.

We’re delighted to bring you these amazing stories and hope they will help countless others live healthier lives.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Summer!

Estelle Foster

Estelle Foster, pictured here with John Murphy and one of his chickens, is the multi-awarded Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition (PAAC). PAAC is a non-profit, environmental group in Santa Barbara that established over 40 toxic pesticide free parks. They produced five California Organic Festivals, published 25,000 bilingual Organic Resource Guides, and co-created a City and Community IPM Advisory Board. Estelle served as County Human Rights Commissioner, Vice President of the Small Wilderness Area Preserve, and introduced the County’s and City’s IPM Focus Group. Estelle created a Conflict Resolution Program and trained teachers in Santa Barbara schools. She appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as part of her success in supporting safer and healthier communities.