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To Our Readers

Dear Readers and Friends:

Welcome to our Fall Issue of Going Organic Magazine. The holiday season is upon us and we are proud to present the gift of what we consider to be a high-quality publication consistently featuring content that helps create better health and lifestyles for our readers. We gather, from your feedback, you agree. Thank you for your overwhelming support. We’re grateful for your emails, letters, phone calls and subscriptions that let us know how we’re doing.

At Going Organic Magazine, we’re thrilled to be the first to unveil a significant introduction of innovative and progressive products that embody the essence of what “Going Organic” means. You can’t miss the beautiful and intelligent, Suzanne Somers, who graces the cover of this issue. Suzanne introduces Suzanne Organics—her completely organic and Certified Toxic-Free line of Cosmetics, Bodycare and Skincare products, which will be available at Clark’s Nutrition. As part of our Suzanne Organics feature, our food editor, Alexandra Lee, shares her personal experience using Suzanne’s new products.

SS_709-413heroDon’t miss the opportunity to meet Suzanne at the launch of her new Suzanne Organics line, Saturday, November 2nd at Clark’s Nutrition in Rancho Mirage and Sunday, November 3rd at Clark’s Nutrition in Loma Linda.

Going Organic Magazine is proud to present another first—the introduction of the first local organic entrepreneurs who are part of Going Organic’s Community Crowdfunding & Marketing Program. Created to support enterprising organic businesses being launched in the Palm Springs area, this important initiative is kicked-off with an insightful and informative article by Catherine Austin Fitts, titled; Crowdfunding: Growing Fresh Food Entrepreneurs.

Other highlights in the issue include an interview with a leading nutritionist and health educator, who provides his perspective on recent research revealing that Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can be beneficial to diabetics. Organic wine enthusiast, Annie Arnold shares that, these days, our beverage of choice includes organic wine—and we spotlight a not-so-far-away gardener’s delight that’s more than worth discovering.

We hope you find the many features in our Fall Issue as enlightening and engaging as we do, and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!


Estelle Foster

Estelle Foster is the multi-awarded Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition (PAAC). PAAC is a non-profit, environmental group in Santa Barbara that established over 40 toxic pesticide free parks. They produced five California Organic Festivals, published 25,000 bilingual Organic Resource Guides, and co-created a City and Community IPM Advisory Board. Estelle served as County Human Rights Commissioner, Vice President of the Small Wilderness Area Preserve, and introduced the County’s and City’s IPM Focus Group. Estelle created a Conflict Resolution Program and trained teachers in Santa Barbara schools. She appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as part of her success in supporting safer and healthier communities.