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To Our Readers

Dear Readers and Friends:

Welcome to our Winter Issue of Going Organic Magazine. There may be a slight chill in the air these days, but considering the extreme cold and weather conditions across much of the country, we are indeed fortunate to live in one of most beautiful places in the world.

At Going Organic Magazine, we are thrilled, as always to provide content that helps create better health and lifestyles for our readers. Thank you for your  continued support. We’re grateful for your emails, letters, phone calls and subscriptions that let us know how we’re doing.

In our Fall Issue, we featured the introduction of Suzanne Organics—Suzanne Somer’s new line of organic and certified toxic-free skincare products. We introduced three of the first local organic entrepreneurs who are part of Going Organic’s Community Crowdfunding & Marketing Program.

A leading nutritionist and health educator provided his perspective on research revealing that Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can be beneficial to diabetics, and organic wine expert, Annie Arnold, shared how the growth of organic vineyards is good news worth toasting.

This issue’s cover story features Ed Begley Jr. and his family’s quest to build the greenest and most sustainable home in America, and reveals basic changes everyone can make in their homes to save energy and save money.

to-our-readersWe spotlight The Body Deli—a truly unique approach to skincare products made with fresh, live, organic fruits and vegetables. Also, wine expert, Annie Arnold, shares a natural cure for wine hangovers.

Other highlights include an interview by Dr. John Westerdahl of a multitalented artist, novelist, award-winning filmmaker and webmaster who conquered his prostate cancer by conquering himself.

We feature Bill Sabo, a Flavor Chemist, who, after having a heart attack due to a lifetime of drinking sugar-laden sodas, created a line of natural sodas loaded with taste, without the sugar.

Melinda Vida provides some simple tips to boost your immune system during the flu season, and desert gardening expert Maureen Gilmer reveals how to keep your desert garden filled with plants that live longer, produce more and thrive with drought-tolerant landscaping.

We hope you find the stories in our Winter Issue as interesting and captivating as we do, and we wish you a happy and healthy Winter season.


The Going Organic Team