Going Organic Magazine is now the educational component of the non-profit, "Transition to Organics, Coachella Valley". (read more)

To Our Readers

Dear Readers and Friends,

Welcome to our Fall Issue of Going Organic Magazine!

As you know, Going Organic Magazine is known throughout the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire as the “go-to” publication that helps create better health and lifestyles for those who actively seek out products and services that support and enable organic/green and sustainable living. This lifestyle has a vast impact on our health, our environment, and the planet.

What you may not know is that Going Organic Magazine is now the educational component of the non-profit, “Transition to Organics, Coachella Valley,” which enables this publication to broaden its scope of support to even further raise the quality of health for all members of our diverse communities. Transition to Organics CV supports the creation of school and home gardens, provides workshops on sustainability, alternatives to toxic pesticide and water saving techniques. Transition to Organics CV also partners with cities and municipalities to provide information, education and raise public consciousness of issues that affect us all.

michael-wangler-sky-island-organicsThis issue’s cover story features Michael Wangler, owner of Sky Island Natural Foods, a unique and innovative store in Idyllwild, and Sky Island Organics, the commercial production and distribution side of Michael’s business, that last year, became a benefit corporation committed to making a positive impact on society, community, and the environment. We spotlight Hot Purple Energy, a full service energy company providing long-term energy solutions and education to the Coachella Valley. Also, wine expert, Annie Arnold shares sobering information about GMOs in wine.

Other highlights include an article by Ray Potter, a Dharmachakra Buddhist Center teacher, who reveals how anger is a choice we actually have control over. Certified Farmers’ Market General Manager, Paul Palodichuk shares what it takes to be a California Certified Farmer. Melinda Vida debunks some preconceptions about detoxing, and Sylvia Garza, creator and owner of Qué Mami Organics, treats us with a 100% organic, authentic Mexican Guilt-Free Recipe.

We hope you find the stories in our Fall Issue as thought provoking and interesting as we do, and wish you a happy and healthy Fall season.


The Going Organic Team

From Our Readers

Dear Going Organic,

“I am so grateful for your well-informed beautiful magazine to again be available this fall. It was most assuredly missed over our long, hot, dry California summer. Over the summer I heard rumors that Governor Jerry Brown put into legislation something about privatization of our water? If true, then We The People must rally round, learn the facts and create a game plan for holding on to the People`s Rights to their own water. 
If the people lose the right to drill or keep their own private water sources, we become even more shackled than we presently are.”
– Nicole Shoong, Ojai, CA

“What a joy to have such a quality Organic Magazine here in our valley. It is full of so many wonderful ideas to enrich and educate ALL of us on more ways to become healthier!”
– Judy A., Palm Desert, CA

“Consuming healthy food is in everybody’s best interest and ‘Going Organic’ is leading the way in bringing nutritional awareness ‘front and center’ to the public eye.”
– Steve Sobotta, Desert Hot Springs, CA

“Going Organic Magazine has a beautiful layout; encouraging photos; and warm feelings that support the emergence of holistic health care and natural alternatives. Everybody should read this magazine to stay on top of current health news.”
– Dr. Michael Koch D.C. B.S., Las Vegas, NV

“Going Organic Magazine definitely matters! In these times of drought, skyrocketing food prices and the insecurity of food safety (GMO and genetically engineered unlabeled products), this magazine informs us and gives us the tools we need to make better choices. I feel that growing your own food and Farmers’ Markets are the very best ways to go. I also really enjoyed reading the issue that featured Catherine Austin Fitts.”
– Debbie B. N.D., San Luis Obispo, CA

“Going Organic Magazine is very important to me. I am learning how to live in vibrant health from reading all of the tips and articles in the magazine. I’m juicing and drinking Borrego Springs mineral water and choosing organic. This magazine is the real deal. I 
developed kidney stones and was in extreme pain. I thought I’d have to have surgery. Instead, I used a simple recipe with a few items in my own kitchen and passed the softened stones gently and without pain. I credit Going Organic Magazine, Bragg products and Estelle Foster, publisher of the magazine for my continued good health.”
– Rob Lebow, Palm Springs, CA