Going Organic Magazine is now the educational component of the non-profit, "Transition to Organics, Coachella Valley". (read more)

To Our Readers

Welcome To Our 2015 Health Education Issue!

Dear Readers and Friends:

Nelson Mandella said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

At Going Organic Magazine, we couldn’t agree more. We’re dedicated to educating others to live healthier and happier lives and endeavor to change the world for the healthier, one issue at a time.

As many of you are aware, Going Organic Magazine is now the educational component of the non-profit, “Transition to Organics, Coachella Valley,” which enables our publication to broaden its scope of support, including the creation of school and home gardens, and health & sustainability workshops. Transition to Organics CV supports the creation of school and home gardens, provides workshops on health & sustainability, informs about alternatives to toxic pesticides and shares water saving techniques. Transition to Organics CV also partners with cities and municipalities to provide information, education and raise public consciousness of issues that affect us all.


In this issue, we honor those who educate us to change our world by featuring their expert advice on a variety of subjects that impact our lives.

•  World Health Crusader, Patricia Bragg teaches us what we all should do to improve, maintain and extend our health. Patricia is the CEO of Bragg Live Food Products, founded by her father Paul Bragg Originator of Health Stores in 1912. Together they co-authored the 10 bestselling Bragg self-health books that have changed the lives of millions worldwide. Bragg Health products and books are available in stores across the country.

•  Director of Education for Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Markets, Starkie Sowers teaches us how a health-educated sales staff makes a meaningful difference. Starkie has been instrumental in training what is perhaps the best health-educated staff in the health store industry.

•  The National Health Federation’s Scott Tips addresses the unintended consequences of government legislation and regulation and advises to vote with our pocketbooks for healthy foods, which in the long run is less expensive than having to deal with illnesses that could have been easily prevented.

•  Wine enthusiast, Annie Rabin Arnold takes us inside the world of Biodynamic Agriculture. Annie is the founder of Organic Wine Exchange—a unique website that combines wine education with the sales of organic  and biodynamic wines from around the world.

•  Dharmachakra Buddhist Center teacher, Ray Potter enlightens us about guilt and regret. Ray is a co-founder of the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center. The DBC offers dharma and meditation classes in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Cathedral City.

•  Registered Nurse, Valerie Warwick teaches how diet can cure disease and shares how medicine practitioners are ignoring the connection between diet and health. Valerie helps people utilize the latest scientific resources and therapies to optimize their opportunities for survival and healing from cancer and other degenerative diseases using integrative and holistic methods.

At Going Organic Magazine, we’re committed to health education and are joined by others in our community who have made a healthy difference in the world.

Prolific health educators call the Coachella Valley home, including Suzanne Somers, who was featured in our Fall 2013 issue. Suzanne has authored more than two-dozen books—and Dr. Steven Gundry, a local resident, authored the best-selling book, Dr. Gundry’s Diet Revolution.

We hope you find the stories in our Winter Issue educational, inspirational and thought provoking, and wish you a happy and healthy winter season.


The Going Organic Magazine Team