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To Our Readers


Dear Valued Friends,
Many thought that the world would end in 2012. Others thought that rather than falling apart, we’d be falling together in a new way. Some people thought that the author of the Mayan calendar just ran out of room on the stone tablet. But here we are, enjoying 2013.

I personally just love the following thoughts written by Tom Kenyon (excerpted from his November, 2012 article “Non Duality, the Matrix of Creation”):

May all of us find gracious passage through the great shift that is upon us.
May we witness in ourselves and those around us, the courage to live life in new ways.
May we be enriched by the mystery of serendipity, where unexpected miracles abound.
May we never lose our sense of humor, for sometimes this will be our greatest ally.
And may we be blessed with the realization that we are who we have been waiting for;
put out the welcome mat and set a place for ourselves at the table of the great mystery.

For you, our loyal readers and supporters, we wish a most abundant year of very good health and happiness! May all your good wishes come true… and beyond. The entire Going Organic staff hopes that the research we do and the information that we bring to you enriches your lives.

In this edition of the Going Organic, you’ll find an innovative and convenient new way to grow your own delicious organic food by keeping it “on the move.” We are grateful to our regular writing contributors: Grace Xanthos, Scott Cole, Alex Wipf, Barbara Gaughen Mueller, and Johnny Foster, and also to our photographers, Missy Harvey, Ron Le Bow, and Mark Davidson, who bring stories and ideas to life via their masterful work.

We are also, as always, grateful to our ongoing sponsors: The City of Palm Springs, Sky Island Organics, Solanos Bistro, Bragg’s Nutrition, Earthing, Palm Greens Café, Clarks Nutrition, Rabobank, Lido Palms Spa, The Four Certified Farmers’ Markets, Kate’s Caring Gifts, Qué Mami, Dr. Shannon Sinsheimer, Elly’s Brownie Cake Mix, Environmental Solutions, Robert Muller’s The Happiness Book, Borrego Springs, Jardin Seeds, and Johnny Foster.

And a very special thanks to all our many readers for your support and feedback. Keep it coming!

Thanks very much to all of you, and have A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sincerely, Estelle Foster, Publisher

Estelle Foster is the multi-awarded Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness and Alternative Coalition (PAAC). PAAC is a non-profit, environmental group in Santa Barbara that established over 40 toxic pesticide free parks. They produced five California Organic Festivals, published 25,000 bi-lingual Organic Resource Guides, and co-created a City and Community IPM Advisory Board. Estelle served as County Human Rights Commissioner, Vice President of the Small Wilderness Area Preserve, and introduced the County’s and City’s IPM Focus Group. Estelle created a Conflict Resolution Program and trained teachers in Santa Barbara schools. She appeared on numerous TV and radio shows as part of her success in supporting safer and healthier communities.