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Why Biodynamics? Beacause It Works!

biodynamicsEvery Spring brings a new opportunity to refresh and recharge your ornamental and edible landscape with high quality fertilizer, amendments to fill individual plant needs, and now, Biodynamic Compost and Tea. When you care for your plants in this way, you can be assured that you’ve given your garden the vitality it needs to feed and enchant you.

In 1924, Rudolph Steiner gave us the gift of Biodynamics. Today, farmers, gardeners, homeowners and golf course managers are among the many who attest to the amazing virtues of Organic Biodynamic Compost and Tea. Better soil structure, increased humus levels and microbiological activity; increased water holding capacity (decreases water usage) and increased performance depending on weather conditions, can be expected. Reports of better tasting produce and encouragement of greater biodiversity; including plant, animal and bird life are incentives to try this garden support.

one-man-one-cow-one-planet“One Man, One Cow, One Planet,” is a fascinating movie narrated by Peter Coyote. It depicts Peter Proctor’s journey into the world of Biodynamics. Arrangements are being made to show this movie at Palm Greens Café in Palm Springs on an upcoming, “Monday Night at the Movies.” Check our website, www.organicorganicmagazine.com for scheduling.

Johnny Foster, Organic Horticulturist is working together with Transition to Organics, a non profit organization in the Coachella Valley to bring Biodynamics to you, our readers. For more product availability and information and consultations, contact Johnny at (760) 325-3746 or johnnysorganicgardens@cox.net.

As always, enjoy happy, healthful gardening!