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Your Health Matters

The delicious & toxic strawberry: another good reason to go organic!

Strawberries and cream, strawberries in shortcake, strawberries in our fruit salad, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, strawberries dipped in chocolate, frozen strawberries and strawberries in pie.

We love strawberry season and the delicious delicacies and memories it brings. Who could imagine that this flavorful, fruit treat would be dangerous to our health? Unless one is allergic, strawberries are delicious, and not inherently toxic.

Last year, California asked a group of scientists to evaluate the risks and dangers of applying methyl iodide to strawberry crops. The results of those scientific evaluations clearly stated that there were no safe levels for methyl iodide use. California chose to ignore the warnings of their own chosen scientists, and approve methyl iodide use on strawberries. Methyl iodide is one of the deadliest chemicals on earth. Scientists use it in laboratories to help grow cancer cells. if it is used to grow cancer,it shouldn’t be used to grow our food.

In the face of their own scientist’s evaluation, California chose to reject and ignore the scientific reports. California instead chose to approve methyl iodide for application to strawberries. Strawberry farmers, applicators and nearby residents will sustain the greatest toxic exposure. the strawberries sold at markets will also be impacted. through drift and seepage, the water, air and soil will be poisoned. Some farmers have already begun to apply methyl iodide on their strawberry fields. Many have still not begun. at this point, Governor Jerry Brown is the only person who can ban this poison. He has promised to take a fresh look at the issue; however, what we need, is to halt this poisoning process while he takes a fresh look!

If this subject is important to you, you may contact the Governor’s office at (916) 445-2841, or by mail to: Governor Jerry Brown, c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, ca 95814.