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Fall 2013

In this Issue

  • To Our Readers

    Welcome to the Fall 2013 edition of Going Organic. Enjoy!

  • Healthy Pet — Happy Pet

    When pets play with pals, they’re healthy and happy.

  • Your Health Matters

    Studies show laughter makes us healthier. We also let readers know about an article in this issue that reveals good news for diabetics.

  • A Desert Oasis In Our Backyard

    30 minutes from Palm Springs, there’s a desert gardener’s delight—still,  for many, the discovery of a treasure that’s been around since 1969.

  • The Crushing Truth About Wines

    Organic wine enthusiast Annie Arnold shares how the healthy growth of organic vineyards is good news worth toasting.

  • What do you do when life hands you a lemon?

    Michele Mician, Sustainability Manager for the City of Palm Springs, shares what to do with the citrus hanging around.

  • Suzanne Somers Breaks New Ground In Organics

    Suzanne Somers launches a completely organic and certified toxic-free line of cosmetics and skincare products.

  • Growing Dryland Gardens

    Desert gardening expert Maureen Gilmer offers tips and instructions to keep your desert garden looking its best.

  • Crowdfunding: Growing Fresh Food Entrepreneurs

    Catherine Austin Fitts shares how supporting local entrepre- neurs with ‘the right stuff’ is key to growing our community.

  • Guilt-Free Recipe

    Emira Kowalska shares the recipe for a tonic to take us all on a journey to wellbeing.

  • Health Journal

    Dr. John Westerdahl shares how results from a new study can have an important impact on those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic and can help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • The Caregiver’s Corner

    Barbara Gaughen-Muller shares stories from caregivers who made the decision to move with their loved ones into a retirement community with assisted living.