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Fall 2014

In this Issue

  • To Our Readers

    Welcome to the Fall 2014 edition of Going Organic—now, the educational component of Transition to Organics, an environmental non-profit organization. Enjoy!

  • Healthy Pet–Happy Pet

    Did you know your pet is a fighter—a stress fighter! Pets can lower your blood pressure and help your body release a relaxation hormone.

  • Are There GMOs In Your Wine?

    Organic wine enthusiast Annie Arnold explains that, while GMOs are of concern, you have plenty of non-GMO options, so there’s no need to stress out over buying a bottle of wine.

  • Your Health Matters

    Eight reasons why millions of health and green-minded Americans are buying organic foods and products.

  • Michael Wangler Sprouts A Thriving Organic Enterprise

    From science professor to pioneer of handcrafted, living foods, the founder of Sky Island Organics shares his remarkable and inspiring story of healthy growth.

  • What Does It Take To Be A California Certified Farmer?

    Certified Farmers’ Market General Manager, Paul Palodichuk explains that it takes a lot to become a certified farmer in California, however, the benefits can be bountiful.

  • Mind Over Mind

    Ray Potter, a Dharmachakra Buddhist Center teacher, reveals how anger is a choice we have control over.

  • Detoxing Might Not Be What You Think It Is

    Melinda Vida shares that while many are lost in the onslaught of nutrition do’s and don’ts, detoxing is a lifelong tool that allows you to heal your body on every level.

  • Hot Purple Energy Sheds Light On Solar Done Right

    Perhaps you’ve seen HPE outdoor billboards or HPE trucks around town, or seen them at a community event, in the news, or at job sites installing solar panels to the ever-increasing enlightened who are producing energy instead of buying it. As you may already know “HPE” is Hot Purple Energy, a Coachella Valley based business […]

  • Guilt-Free Recipe

    Sylvia Garza, owner of Qué Mami Organics, a line of 100% organic salsas and tamales, shares a delicious, organic and authentic Chiles Rellenos recipe.

  • Health Journal

    Dr. John Westerdahl interviews a professor of nutrition about new research that reveals apple cider vinegar may help treat diabetes

  • Caregiver’s Corner

    Barbara Gaughen-Muller shares, “Don’t think your life is over now that your caregiving is done.”