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The Going Organic Magazine Reader Profile

“Going Organic” means making informed and ethical choices in how we live. It means making  decisions based not only on what is best for us and our families, but also on what is best for future generations, local economies, and the planet.

One of the major areas that we hope to both affect and support is how our readers eat.
We believe our typical readers will already choose to purchase and consume organic produce and other raw/natural foods. While both organic and raw/natural foods may contain no preservatives, many non-organic foods are genetically modified and grown using harmful pesticides. Research has shown that organic produce is often lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants, so it is healthier for us while usually tasting better. According to the National Academy of Science, “Neurological and behavioral effects may result from [even] low-level exposure to pesticides,” and various studies demonstrate that pesticides can increase the risk of cancer, infertility, and harm the nervous system.  Additionally, our readers have a low consumption of meat and meat products. They elect to consume organic and ethically raised meat sources, or even live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.  Our readers are not heavy consumers of alcohol, but choose to limit consumption and seek out heart-healthy organic red wine as their libation of choice.

Beyond what our readers consume, they are also concerned with taking care of their bodies, and work hard to do so.
They get plenty of exercise, especially by interacting with the great outdoors. Our readers take the time to reconnect to our planet, quite literally. Many of our readers are followers of the “Earthing” movement, an exciting new experience that encourages people to walk barefoot everyday outside. Research is showing that people that do this on a regular basis are sleeping better, feeling better, have more energy, and are even relieving various medical ailments.

Our readers also take the “Going Organic” lifestyle into their own homes.
We have introduced our readers to innovative companies that can help maintain one’s life space as energy
efficient, organic, toxic-chemical free, self-contained, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. In regards to food and lifestyle choices, we believe our readers are amongst the millions of Americans who are now choosing to grow their own produce to consume at home.

When it comes to transportation, our readers elect to drive either electric or hybrid vehicles.
Research has shown that these cars help the environment with their lower use of fossil-fuels and fewer emissions. Moreover, research is now showing that drivers of hybrid vehicles have a lower risk of being involved in an accident than drivers of non-hybrid vehicles. Other insurance companies, including Travelers and Farmers, are now offering their clients discounts for driving such vehicles.